Vibrant Communities: 2018 Prospectus

In communities from Tampa to Cleveland to Tempe, new leaders are building vibrant communities of activism with a compelling vision and a plan to turn the tide toward a more unified and equitable future. We provide direct support to non-partisan
community leadership: voter registration, education and mobilization. Join us & help build the future.

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messages that move communities.

42% of the electorate did not participate in 2016. But in key states, critical elections were determined by 1-2% of voters.
Since 2016 we have prioritized and coordinated funding for strategies that rebuild civic participation. We support unifying efforts that inspire black, brown and white voters with tested and effective messages of shared values, shared struggle, and a united effort for lasting change.

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Invested in visionary leaders.

In the last three years, we prioritized support for local leaders who reflect the experiences and values of the communities they serve. We believe in local strategies and wisdom over national one-size-fits-all programs. We support efforts that build independent power that lasts beyond the campaign cycle and builds authentic community-centered leadership year after year.

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investing first WHERE THE WORK MATTERS now.

We prioritize geographies where non-partisan civic engagement strategies are lit up by closely contested political campaigns that amplify the voices and values of communities, and where near-term policy wins build community power.
We focus on groups that run face-to-face field organizing and smart, targeted digital strategies based in relational organizing.
Not TV ads.

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